L. E. Tigner accepted a position with Hollweg and Reese


Publication: The Fairmount News

Fairmount, IN, United States

L. E. Tigner, of the Dillon Glass Works, has accepted the position of general manager of the Holloway [sic] Hollweg & Rice [sic] Reese Glass Co.'s works at Greenfield in Hancock county. Mr. Tigner is well qualified for the position and is a thoroughly experienced glassworker. He went there the first of this week, and was accompanied by James Stewart, Greely Bell and Lewis Woody. The first of the later named has secured the position of head batch man, the second named that of boss packer and the latter head furnace man, in the same establishment.


Keywords:King City Glass Works : Ed Tigner
Researcher notes:Ed Tigner was the brother of Charles Tigner, foounder of the King City Glass Works
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Researcher:Bob Stahr / Roger Lucas
Date completed:December 28, 2010 by: Bob Stahr;