Eddie Tigner and two others run away from home


Publication: The Fairmount News

Fairmount, IN, United States


One Returns.

On Monday evening last three Fairmount boys, Eddie Tigner, Will Norton and Fred Campbell, decided to shake the dust, or the snow, rather of Fairmount, and strike out in the world on their own account. Tigner is aged about 16, Norton about the same and Campbell about 14 years. Accordingly when the local freight went south the boys were snugly ensconsed in a car loaded with brick.

The fathers of the boys soon discovered their absence and a telephone call was sent to Anderson to detain them if found. The officer went to the depot late that evening and found a boy there. Suspecting that he was one of those wanted he asked the young man "where the other two were," immediately the boy, Fred Campbell, replied, "they have gone on." So the plot was out. The officer took Fred up town and kept him at police headquarters over night. On getting to Anderson young Campbell had concluded, perhaps, that he had no cause to run off, and determined to return home and had intended to remaining at the depot until morning to get the first train north. Tigner and Norton proceeded in their flight, and the last heard from them they were seen at Indianapolis by Levi Scott, who was on his way here. Whether they have shipped for Cuba to join the insurgent army or have gone west to wipe out the few remaining redskins, is, of course, only a matter of conjecture.


Keywords:King City Glass Works
Researcher notes:Ed Tigner was the brother of Charles Tigner, founder of the King City Glass Works. Eddie was Ed's son.
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Researcher:Bob Stahr / Roger Lucas
Date completed:December 29, 2010 by: Bob Stahr;