Wilson & McCullogh to run union


Publication: The Fairmount News

Fairmount, IN, United States



Agreement Reached and Factories

Will Start.

The wage controversy which has been existing between Wilson & McCullogh and the Green Glass Blowers' association has been practically settled, and the Fairmount and Marion factories of the firm will soon be in operation. The terms of the settlement are that the nonunion blowers at Converse will be taken in the union and the scale decided upon is 30 per cent. less than the wages of last year. This is 10 per cent more of a reduction than that decided upon by the Chicago meeting. Mr. Hayes further says that he thought the union had given really more than they were justified in giving, but as the machines had never been used a full season yet they thought it best in order that the manufacturers might be protected. The Fairmount factories will be started next Monday, and will work ninety-six of the union blowers. The Converse plant is now employing thirty-eight blowers, which will at once be increased to forty-three. The plant at Marion will be started as soon as it can be gotten in shape and it will employ blowers. This settlement will be greatly appreciated by all concerned as it will also be by the business men of Fairmount and Marion.


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