H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co. exhibited heaters at the ASRA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 22, no. 443, p. 434,438, col. 1,2


THE H. W. J. ELECTRIC HEATER, made by the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company, was shown in a full equipment in a beautiful car made by the American Car Company, of St Louis. These heaters, which have already been described in The Electrical Engineer, were placed longitudinally against the sides of the car. These heaters need only screws to fasten them to the woodwork, and, being very flat, literally occupy no space, while the principle of multiplicity provides that general distribution, which is so necessary, but which no stove can give. The company also showed in connection with this set one of their switches for throwing the current on and off the heaters, so arranged as to lock at each step, and being remarkably compact and correct in its design. The company had an exhibit in another part of the hall of its heater arranged to go crosswise under seats. The literature distributed was pithy and to the point, and the company were most energetically and intelligently represented by Mr. J. Emery Meek.


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Researcher notes:The convention referred to is the American Street Railway Association convention.
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