Mica Insulator Co. exhibited at the ASRA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 22, no. 441, p. 382,384, col. 1,2

Trade Notes and Novelties



Their exhibit at the St. Louis convention will consist in micanite in its various forms, such as commutator segments, rings, tubes, troughs, insulating cloth and paper and peculiar forms of insulation for various types of electrical machinery.

Eugene Munsell & Co. will exhibit mica in the sheet, commutator segments and mica as it comes from the mines. Their exhibit will be one of special interest to electricians and superintendents of motor equipment.

A very pretty mica souvenir has been gotten up and will be given to the visiting delegates. A generous supply of blotters will also be distributed, which will remind visitors of the fact when they reach home the place to send their orders for insulation in any form is 218 Water street, New York City, and 153 Lake street, Chicago, Ill. Both the Mica Insulator Co. and Eugene Munsell & Co. exhibit will be in charge of Charles E. Coleman, manager of the Chicago office.


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Researcher notes:The convention referred to is the American Street Railway Association convention.
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