Events in the Glass Industry for 1947; Owens Illinois events listed

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Publication: Glass Factory Year Book and Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
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Outstanding Events In Glass Industry

Of the Nation During the Year 1947



J. P. Levis, president of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, sees increased demands for glass containers to meet needs of food packaging, drugs, and beverages.


Owens-Illinois sales of $196,000,000 in 1946 said to be highest in firm's history.

Owens-Illinois announces that 1946 record sales volume was accompanied with $30,000,000 boost in costs.


Northrup F. (Norm) Bowes is named eastern sales promotion manager, and Newell A. (Newt) Pontent is made manager of the film and display division of the sales promotion department, Glass Container Division of Owens-Illinois.

Owens-Illinois Glass is moving closure and plastics operations from Toledo to St. Charles, Ill.


Owens-Illinois reports earnings for 12 months ending March 31, of over $11,381,000.


Owens-Illinois names Stanley J. McGiveran general sales manager, Maxzon A. Eddy, in charge of manufacturing, and K. M. Henry, chief engineer in charge of research and development of the Kimble Glass Division of the firm.

Dr. O. C. Ball of Owens-Illinois is awarded Nicolas Appert Medal for outstanding achievement in food technology.


Milton W. Olander of Owens-Illinois leaves for the International Labor Conference in Geneva as member of American delegation. It is his fourth such mission.

Owens-Illinois appoints Edwin J. Rhein, E. B. Dennis and Edward W. Charlesworth divisional sales managers for Kimble Glass Division of firm.

Owens-Illinois names R. W. Rogers, former sales manager of the Industrial Glassware Division of Libbey Glass, to post of sales manager of the Industrial and Electronics Division of Kimble Glass Division of O-I.


Lucian Taylor, 53, assistant general sales manager of Owens-Illinois, dies. He had been with the company for 35 years.

Owens-Illinois organizes complete customer research department of Kimble Glass Division directed by Joseph F. Greene, assisted by James J. Moran and Winfield F. Smith.

Owens-Illinois appoints Henry C. Rudy manager of the Precription Ware Division.


John H. Wright, who rose from bookkeeper to vice president and general manager of the Libbey Glass Division of Owens-Illinois Glass, announces retirement at end of year. Frank T. Nesbitt, Owens-Illinois vice president, will succeed him as Libbey Division general manager.


Owens-Illinois announces acquisition of American Coating Mills, Inc., producers of clay-coated cartons and carton board.

Owens-Illinois names J .H. Cooper personnel director of the Kimble glass plant.

Fred D. Snyder is named director of labor relations for Kimble Glass Division of Owens-Illinois, and Stuart A. Kenworthy is named Vineland plant manager.


Owens-Illinois appoints R. H. Olson director of new process development of Glass Container Division.


Owens-Illinois names J. A. Serra manager of a new Sales and Service Control division of the Kimble Glass unit.


Owens-Illinois appoints Harlan Hobbs sales promotion head for Kimble Glass Division.

Government sues Owens-Corning Fiberglsa, Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass Works charging violation of Sherman Antitrust Act.

Owens-Illinois names Eugene A. Hildreth sales promotion manager of Glass Container Division.

Owens-Illinois names E. F. Schafer general branch manager of Glass Container Division with headquarters at Toledo, a newly-created position.


Owens-Illinois advances six in glass container division. They are Eugene Hildreth, Sidney Davis, E. F. Schafer, Wesley Adams, Jospeh Parks and Leonard Phillips.

Owens-Illinois makes O. W. Pfeifer plant manager at Terre Haute, Ind., to succeed Parker Bitner.

Owens-Illinois reports net for year ended September 30 as $46,482,124, which is $5,000,000 greater than for period a year ago.


Owens-Illinois acquires full ownership of Modern Packages, Inc., Memphis, Tenn.

Owens-Illinois names Lawrence N. Crossley manager of newly-formed brewery sales division, and Joseph M. Coghlin head of the carbonated beverage division.

Col. Evan Kimble and E .L. R. Laning are honored by Owens-Illinois for 50 years service with Kimble Glass, now division of O-I.

Owens-Illinois establishes new district sales office at Rochester, N.Y., in charge of W. R. House.

Seventy-five machinists strike Libbey Glass division of Owens-Illinois. Production continues at capacity despite strike.


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