Pass & Seymour Exhibit at the National Electrical Expo

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 21, no. 420, p. 547, col. 2

PASS & SEYMOUR, of Syracuse, have a very attractive display on the main floor. The walls of the booth are covered with all shapes and 300 sizes of glazed and unglazed tubing, insulators, china cleats, cut-outs, and cut-out insulators, rosettes, ceiling buttons, tree insulators, wire tubes, china interior conduits, window and floor tubes, carved tubes for awnings, cornices, etc., guard wire suspension insulators, branch blocks, all kinds of switches, wall socket receptacles, key and keyless sockets, junction boxes, arc hanger boards, and many more china specialties too numerous to mention. A special feature is their "Syracuse" china fixture socket, which Is easily connected up, and is superior to the metal shell, It being impossible to have a short circuit with the shell or cap; they always look neat and clean. A new Edison non-lnfringing china base with brass contact springs is another novelty shown. In order to convince people of the superior quality of their china, they exhibit two cups and saucers, which are In no way Inferior to the ware found at the festive board. Over this very neat exhibit Mr. J. D. Mclntyre presides in a most able manner.


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