Peru Exhibit at the National Electrical Expo

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 21, no. 420, p. 546, col. 2

THE PERU ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO. received a strong testimonial letter on the quality of their carbon for electrical purposes—as noted elsewhere. This firm have had for the past few years a steady and increasing demand for goods, owing to their superiority. Their carbons, coarse grained, open and porous, are recommended especially for sal ammoniac batteries. The well-known Laclede, also Hercules battery, are of their make. The Peru Electric Manufacturing Company's largest output, however, is in porcelain sundries, of which they turn out a full line, as well as manufacture on order. "Peru" porcelain Is guaranteed of highest quality, hard burned and thoroughly vitrified. A few of their specialties are rosettes switches, main and branch cutouts, tubes, porcelain knobs, wall receptacles, etc. Natural gas is the fuel used throughout their extensive plant The Peru Electrical Manufacturing Company have an excellent display of their wares at the Electrical Exposition, which is at present in charge of their enterprising and genial treasurer and manager. Mr. A. H. Bouslog.


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