Fred Locke insulators used on Riverside line

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 21, no. 416, p. 403, col. 1



THE California Electrical Works, San Francisco, have received the contract for the municipal lighting plant for the city of Riverside, but as yet the construction of same has not been commenced. They expect to commence the construction about May 10. The contract is for a transmission plant of twenty-one miles, the power plant being located on Mill Creek, about eight miles from Redlands, in San Bernardino County, and the city of Riverside rents its power from the Redlands Electric Light and Power Company, paying $3 per month per horse power, delivered at the sub-station in Riverside.

The Redlands Electric Light and Power Company have had their generators installed for nearly two years, but at the generating station will now be placed three 100-kilowatt stepup transformers, to raise the potential from 2,500 to 11,000 volts. There will be also a marble switchboard for 10,000 volts placed in the power station. The transmission line will be constructed of 30-foot round cedar poles, 6 inches tip. Insulators will be the Locke porcelain triple petticoat, guaranteed to stand 20,000 volts. The pins will, be Locke indestructible steel pins. Cross-arms will be braced with iron braces throughout, and the size of wire will be No. 4 B. & S. gauge, bare copper.

In the sub-station at Riverside the California Electrical Works will place a 10,000 volt switchboard and three stepdown transformers to step down from 10,000 to 2,000 volts, having a capacity of 250 kilowatts. The distributing switchboard will also be located In the sub-station, and there will be three 3-wire circuits to operate the incandescent and three 3-wlre arc circuits to operate the arc lamps, run from this board.

The board will be constructed of marble and iron, and Whitney instruments will be used throughout. There will be 100 Helios alternating lamps used, ninety for street and ten for interior lighting. The town will be wired for about 1,000 incandescent lights for commercial purposes. The transformers will be of the Wagner type.


Keywords:Power Transmission : California : Riverside : Fred Locke : U-923
Researcher notes:The insulators were mostly likely U-923 made for Fred Locke by R. Thomas & Sons Co. out of dry process porcelain
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Researcher:Bob Stahr
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