H. W. Johns Mfg. Co. exhibited at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 20, no. 399, p. 631, col. 1

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One of the distinctive exhibits at the Atlanta Exposition is that of the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co. comprising as it does insulating materials almost exclusively. The Company's trolley line insulating materials are very well known and also the Vulcabeston insulating material, which has numerous applications as a tough and heat proof insulation in the electrical industry. Sample boards display the recent and characteristic forms of trolley line apparatus insulated with moulded mica. Recent forms of straight under-running switches and the Philadelphia insulated crossings and breaks are also shown.

A conspicuous feature is the large number of Vulcabeston pieces illustrating the wide variety of size and shapes in which the material has been moulded to meet the requirements of manufacturers of electric devices. One of the largest uses of Vulcabeston is in street car controllers, owing to its toughness, durability and heat resisting qualities.


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Monarch insulating material, which is black in color, and moulded mica, in either brown or black, are shown in connection with some of the devices in which they have been used for insulation. Some of the devices thus insulated are Rowand's thermostat, made by the Universal Fire Alarm Co. of Camden, N. J., Heisler's lamp sockets and the Cutter, Gibbs and Stevens switches and devices of the Electric Protective Co. of Philadelphia.

The H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co. has also entered the electric heater field, as is evidenced by samples of various forms of car heaters displayed. These are novel in construction and consist of asbestos-insulated and protected resistance wires woven into the form of a heating pad. Some of these are already in use with very satisfactory results. For therapeutic uses, in making a local application of heat, the heating pads, or "electrotherms," as they are called, are made small and portable for the physician's use.

The exhibit is very tastefully arranged and the Company has been awarded a silver medal for its insulating materials and also a bronze medal for the electrotherms. In addition to these awards the company received in connection with its exhibit of asbestos and manufactured articles in the Mining Building, the gold medal or prize of honor for superior excellence, one silver and one bronze medal and an honorable mention.


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