Foree Bain selected as engineer for Chicago park lighting

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 20, no. 392, p. 450, col. 1



Mr. Foree Bain has been selected as engineer to design, purchase and install an electric light plant, for the purpose of illuminating the parks and boulevards, in the City of Chicago for the West Side Board of Park Commissioners. The plant will consist of 1,000 horse power boiler capacity, two 500 horse power compound condensing Corliss engines, a six inch jack shaft, with automatic oilers, necessary clutches and pulleys, and eleven 100 light arc dynamos. There will be one thousand 2,000 candle power arc lamps installed. The lamps will hang from newly designed park poles. The wire will all be placed underground. There will be required for the plant about 100 miles of underground lead covered cable No. 5. When finished the plant will be a model. It is Mr. Bain's design to construct the plant with a view to the lowest possible cost of operation. The work of placing the conduits will be begun at once. Apparatus will probably not be required before the first of the year. Mr. Bain is now drawing specifications with a view to submitting them for the purpose of receiving propositions for the apparatus required.


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