Use of Medbery insulation increasing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 20, no. 382, p. 219, col. 2



MR. H. J. MEDBERY, President of the Fiberite company, manufacturers of the Medbery overhead material and other specialties, has just returned from Chicago, and reports a most encouraging outlook for the trade in that section of the country. He feels assured that his company will be able to secure a good share of the business. For several years Mr. Medbery has held to his determination to make the highest grade of overhead material possible. The fact of there being a large quantity of cheap material used, has tempted him at times to compete with such material, but be had sufficient pride in the name of "Medbery" and faith enough in the future of good, honest material, to refuse to go far into such lines. His company is now reaping the benefit of his determination to make "the highest grade material only." Mr. Medbery states that roads "all over the country, and almost without exception, are demanding material which has been tried, and found equal to the severe conditions of an electric road." The company has confidence enough in its material to give the purchaser an absolute guarantee, although wherever the Medbery has been used, such guarantee is not necessary. Honorable business methods, combined with honest goods, has resulted in the factory of the Medbery Company being rushed to the utmost to fill orders. The Medbery Company is represented in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and other cities by concerns of well-known standing, and orders are filled at once from stocks carried at these agencies.


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