Colophite insulation material

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 19, no. 370, p. 524, col. 1,2

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The Colophite Manufacturing Co. of New Haven, Conn., have put on the market a new compound, "Colophite," which promises to be of valuable service in the arts and manufactures. Its constituents are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in variable proportions, according to its process of manufacture. Colophite, being a neutral substance, can be so prepared that it will unite with any known solvent. It is neither a gum nor a resin, but partakes of the nature of both. Its special value for electrical purposes, lies mainly in the fact that it forms a compound of excellent insulating qualities. In a recent comparative test, the best known insulators in use, at a voltage of 575, developed a resistance ranging from 1,600 megohms to 22,000 megohms, while Colophite insulation, at the same voltage, developed a resistance of 258,000 megohms.

When ground with earths, minerals of metallic oxides and mixed with a suitable solvent, Colophite will produce an enamel in any desired tint or color, superior to any now known for either wood, plaster, brick, stone or metals. When applied to any surface it flows readily from the brush, bears a good body, binds fast and firm, levels well, and withal has the prime advantage of drying quickly.

By varying the proportions of the ingredients, Colophite may be made to resemble stone, wood, ivory, horn, whalebone, leather or bone, and is susceptible of a very high polish. Colophite is a natural base for many compounds, from that of a light waterwhite solution, suitable for water-proofing fabrics or lacquering the finest paper or metallic surfaces up to a heavy wax-like mass, which may be flowed, dipped, brushed, cast, molded, pressed, turned, rolled, stamped or formed into any useful or ornamental article.

The Colophite defecation is used by architects, builders, etc., for preventing all plaster discolorations caused by organic matter or salts in the clay of brick or other building materials in the structure of houses or other buildings. It can be applied cold with a brush, and it is claimed that one coat of it has the virtue of three coats of paint. Among the colophite preparations are numerous acid-proof, water-proof, insulating and other enamels.


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