Socket for attaching insulator pins illustrated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 19, no. 367, p. 437, col. 2



HERETOFORE when brackets or other fittings have been fixed to brick or plaster walls, it has been necessary to drill a hole in the wall with a chisel, plug this with wood and then use the latter as the support for the object intended to be fixed to the wall. Julius Boeddinghaus, of Dusseldorf, Germany, has recently brought out a novel device for the ready adjustment of brackets of all descriptions, which will be readily understood from the accompanying illustrations. As will be seen it consists in embedding in the wall, while the plaster is being applied, a metal spiral. When the wall is finished the spiral is firmly held in position and can easily be cleaned out. It then forms a socket into which the bracket can be readily screwed and held firmly. The device not only saves time but does not ruin the walls, carpets or ceilings, while at the same time offering an absolutely rigid hold for the bracket or other device. It naturally also allows of a ready removal of the bracket.


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