Metropolitan Arc Light Hanger

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 19, no. 365, p. 402,403, col. 1,2

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The hanger shown in the accompanying illustration is designed for insulating arc lamps, when suspended out doors, exposed to the elements, where high insulation, strength and durability are required and is said to cover fully the rules of all Boards of Fire Underwriters. The ball is made of the toughest green glass, three inches in diameter, with two grooves running part way around the ball at right angles. To this are attached interlocking loops, made of seven strand galvanized steel wire, dipped in P. & B. insulating compound, thereby insuring high insulation.


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To either end of the steel wire loops are fastened malleable iron castings, provided with eyes, on one of which is hung a switch hook, on which the arc lamp is suspended, thereby insuring ease of suspending and disengaging the lamp. Above the hook is a cross arm, also of malleable iron, one foot wide, on the ends of which are glass insulators for the suspension of the conductor wires to the lamps, thereby doubly insulating the lines before entering the lamp. The insulator will stand a strain of 6000 pounds, and will withstand extreme changes of weather without deterioration. It is strong and handsome, and is being put upon the market by the Metropolitan Electric Co. of Chicago.


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