William Brunt pottery will install sprinkler system

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass and Pottery World

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 11, no. 3, p. 18-19, col. 2


The William Brunt Pottery Co. is rushed to the limit now to catch up with orders delayed by their recent fire.

The damaged building is practically new again, a heavier wall replacing the weakened Third street wall, and the decorating kilns are hooded over with sheet iron protections, which will make it impossible for a fire to again occur from a similar cause.

The Brunt company will immediately install a complete automatic sprinkler system throughout the factory, as a further protection.

A curious feature developed their loss into a more serious one than the adjusters or the firm either suspected. A large quantity of glost ware was passed over as uninjured, yet when it came through the decorating kiln it showed up crazed and with deranged colors, such as an impressionist painter would not have dreamed of. Inspection of the ware finally showed that the tiny pin rests on the pieces, which were unglazed, had been sufficient to permit great absorption of water, and when the ware met the intense heat of the decorating kiln the steam generated was enough to make the ware utterly worthless. As a result, the firm had to simply discard the entire quantity that the adjusters had passed as uninjured, and pocket the loss. The printing machine, recently installed at this factory, is doing the best work of any in the district. Manager Will S. Brunt has been giving it his personal attention until he has it where he says he can do steel engraving with it if necessary.


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