Elmer Morris represents Hemingray at New York Street Railroad Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 30, no. 12, p. 331-332, col. 2,2

Convention Notes and Exhibits.

MR. ELMER P. MORRIS, of New York, one of the pleasantest gentlemen who attend street railway conventions, entertained his many friends in rooms E and 7 at the Cataract House. Mr. Morris had quite an extensive exhibit of the various apparatus and supplies handled by himself. The exhibit included Monarch insulating paint, Keystone voltmeters and ammeters, iron poles and brackets of the Electric Railway Equipment Company, Cincinnati; Garton-Daniels lightning arresters, gears and pinions, manufactured by the Simonds Manufacturing Company, Pittsburg, and a complete line of overhead material. Mr. Morris also represented the interests of the Hope Electric Appliance Company, Boston, and the Hemingray Glass Company, Covington, Ky.


Researcher notes:The convention referred to was the Convention of the New York State Street Railroad Association
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