The Manufacture of Insulators

New Zealand Insulators


Publication: The Evening Post

Wellington, New Zealand
vol. XXXII, no. 107, p. 3, col. 2

The Manufacture of Insulators.

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[United Press Association]

Dunedin, This Day.

A deputation to the Premier to-day pointed out that the specifications for the manufacture of telegraph insulators were of such a character as to preclude local competition. If altered 50 or 60 men in the colony could find employment. Sit Robert Stout replied that the Government desired to encourage local industries where possible, Dr. Lemon was of the opinion that suitable clay could not be obtained in the colony. He understood that if the insulators were manufactured here the clay would have to be imported. If suitable material was obtainable here, preferences would be given to the Colonial article even if at a slight increase on the cost. He would communicate with Sir Julius Vogel.


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