Canton Insulator & Clay Company filed deed of assignment in probate court


Publication: Stark County Democrat

Canton, OH, United States
vol. 70, no. 48, p. 6, col. 3


Canton Insulator and Clay Co. and W. F Schario, Its Secretary, Go to the Wall.


The Canton Insulator and Clay company filed a deed of assignment in probate court through its president, William Dannemiller, and concurrent with the filing of this deed William F. Schario secretary of the company, made an individual assignment. In both instances the liabilities were placed at $25,000 and the assets at $20,000 making the debts for the combined assignments $50,000.

Judge J. P. Facwett has been named as assignee and will settle up the affairs of the two assignors.

The assignments were a surprise to the business people of Canton and the fact that William Dannemiller is president of the company still further complicates the financial situation of the Dannemillers who failed for a large amount in their eastern coffee house. It is said that the assignment will in no way affect the Schario grocery company.

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