People's Coal Co. brought suit against Canton Insulator & Clay Company


Publication: Stark County Democrat

Canton, OH, United States
vol. 70, no. 66, p. 1, col. 4




For $30,000 Fraud is Charged in Sale.


The People's Coal company has brought an action against The Canton Insulator and Clay company demanding $30,000 damages and Judgment for $2,500 for money actually expended in the purchase and improvement of certain coal territory in the vicinity of Osnaburg. William Dannemiller, William F. Schario, J. L. Robb and Louis Blanc, as directors of the latter company, are named as defendants.

The People's Coal company alleges that it bought certain coal territory near Osnaburg and it charges that there was a conspiracy upon the part of the defendants to make the sale. The petition states that it was represented to the company that the property was underlaid with a vein of good coal running from 4 to 6 feet in thickness and that it had been worked just enough to develop the character of the coal.

Depending upon the representation, the company went ahead and spent $1,200 in opening up the mine, when it was discovered that the old opening had been filled up with rubbish in order to deceive them; that the coal had all been mined out of the property and that there was barely enough coal left to hold up the land. It is claimed that Blanc, who had worked in the mines in question, was familiar with the situation, knowing all about the facts. The original purchase price was $2,500, of which amount $1,250 was paid at the time the transfer was made. The plaintiff company alleges that it has been damaged in the sum of $30,000 and judgment is demanded hi the sum of $32,150. Attorney George A. Groot is counsel for the plaintiff.

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