The Mica Insulator Co. experiencing demand for its products.

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World and Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 37, no. 14, p. 585, col. 2

THE MICA INSULATOR COMPANY reports gratifying increase in the demand for its patented specialties in mica and micanite insulation. Quite recently it was compelled to enlarge its factory in order to meet this increased demand, and it now has under consideration a further enlargement of its works in order to handle the extra volume of business. Its material was recognized at the Paris Exposition as a standard for electrical insulation, and was given a gold medal. It has completed quite recently several specified forms of insulation, which were used in some very novel and original installation. These forms of insulation were designed and executed by the company's engineers, who are prepared at all times to give the benefit of their experience in the insulating field to the customers of the company. A detailed description of these special forms of insulation will be given later. This company is the originator of moulded mica insulation under the trade mark of "Micanite," and has had several years of successful manufacturing to which it can point with pride. Its product is not a new one, and its workmen are thoroughly educated and experienced in the manufacture of these goods. Nothing is used in the construction of micanite but pure India or amber sheet mica, with the best shellac. No scrap mica is used. This company has offices in New York, Chicago and London, and works in Schenectady, N. Y., and Stansted, England.


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