Pittsburg Transformer Co. Introduces New Fuseholder

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 53, no. 24, p. 1409, col. 2

Transformer Fuse-Block.

The Pittsburgh Transformer Company has placed upon the market a new fuse-block which is furnished with the new Pittsburgh transformers. This block is of the plug and receptacle type and is all-porcelain. Very heavy and substantial construction is employed so that the block is durable and will handle short circuits or lightning discharges satisfactorily without breaking. An important improvement in the new block consists in finishing the same with a brown glaze which is lived on in the same manner as in the case of high-tension porcelain insulators. This brown glaze is, of course, permanent and greatly improves the insulating properties of the new fuse-block. Heretofore transformer fuse-blocks have usually been finished with a black paint or japan which very soon scaled off under the action of the weather, so that the porous porcelain became affected by moisture and dangerous to handle in wet weather. Furthermore, such painted fuse-blocks were very apt to ground upon the cross-arm and cause trouble. The all-glazed fuse-block described is claimed to possess many advantages over painted or japanned fuse-blocks, not only in point of safety and durability of finish, but also because its neat appearance is unaffected by the weather.


Transformer Fuse-Block.



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Researcher notes:Note the fuseholder is marked PITTSBURG. It is the name of the transformer company rather than the company which made pin-type insulators.
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