Peru Electric Manufacturing Company is building a large extension to their plant

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Publication: Brick

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 15, no. 5, p. 203, col. 1

Pottery News

The Peru Electric Manufacturing Co., of Peru, Ind., are building a large extension to their present extensive works at that city. Last month three new up-draft porcelain kilns were built to fire the electric porcelain in, and this month the company is going to put in a new dust machine for the reduction of the clay into dust. In the making of this class of goods the clay after being taken from the filter press is dried and is then broken into small pieces with a hammer and is ground into dust, when it is placed in plaster paris vats and only what water can get through the plaster is allowed to reach it. This dust is pressed on hand presses into insulators, cleats, fuse boxes, shut-offs, rosettes and any desired form. The company also makes the metal parts, thus saving the expense of shipping them to another point to have them fitted to the metal, which is the case in most places of this kind.


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