Pottery News

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Brick

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 17, no. 4, p. 156-157, col. 1-2

Pottery News

At a meeting of the board of directors of the Barberton Pottery Co., of Barberton, O., it was decided to double the capacity of the plant. This addition will be used exclusively for the production of art ware.

The new whiteware pottery being built at Derry, Pa., by the Derry China Co. is fast nearing completion. The company already have the most of the buildings up, almost ready for the roof, and one of the kilns is ready to top out, so that the plant will not be much longer in process of construction.

East Liverpool, O., is to have a new electrical porcelain factory. The new works will be erected by T. E. Anderson, formerly of the Knowles, Taylor & Anderson Co., but lately district general manager of the American Sewer Pipe Co. Mr. Anderson will erect his new works in what is known as the East End, where his old works were located, and at first will engage in the manufacture of wiring tubes only, but will, later on, make a full line of electrical porcelain, including insulators, cleats, knobs and special works.


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