Detroit Electrical Works busy equipping electric roads

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 9, no. 107, p. 378,379, col. 2,2





THE Detroit Electrical Works have been extremely busy equipping roads with the National Electric Traction System worked out by Mr. F. B. Rae, who is well known as one of the pioneer electric railway builders of this country. They have already equipped roads as follows:

Fort Worth, Texas, Land & Street Railway Co., 15 cars, four 50,000 watt generators.

Saginaw, Mich., Union Street Railway Co., East Saginaw, 25 cars, four 65,000 watt generators.

Adrian, Mich./Electric Street Railway Co., four cars, two 35,000 watt generators.

Citizens' Electric Street Railway Co., Elkhart, Ind., five cars, two 35,000 watt generators.

Decatur, Ill., Electric Street Railway Co., 4 cars, two 65,000 watt machines.

They are also equipping the Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Street Railway with 4 cars and one 65,000 watt generator; the East Detroit & Grosse Point Railway with 6 cars and two 65,000 watt generators; and the Highland Park Railway, Detroit, with four cars and two 65,000 watt generators.

In all the above, the plant has been made large with a view of increasing the car equipment. Mr. Rae is using in nearly every instance a single motor of 30 h. p. geared direct to both axles, and he is satisfied that his method is the most economical as regards first cost and maintenance and in avoidance of friction loss, when compared with any of the double motor arrangements.


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