Gould & Watson exhibited

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 10, no. 129, p. 458, col. 1,2



Never, perhaps, was a larger display of exhibits made than that at the Buffalo Convention. It filled up the Arcade building, it crowded every corner of the Iroquois Hotel, and it overflowed into all the streets surrounding those places. By a somewhat amusing course of events, the supply men, in their praiseworthy determination to be early on the ground, practically pre-empted the Iroquois, so that when the modest consumers of their wares came along no room was left. The consequence was that a very large number of the "White Button" delegates had to seek quarters at the Tifft House, so that the "Red Button" supply men at the latter place found themselves favored by the interposition of Providence with a remarkable influx of the very men they came so far to see and from whose agreeable society it had seemed likely they might be cut off. It is needless to say that the most was made of such a glorious and unexpected opportunity.

THE GOULD & WATSON CO., of Boston, had a stand covered with samples of their excellent molded mica goods, which have been so largely used in electric street railway work.


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