Detroit Electrical Works in new factory building

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 143, p. 121,124, col. 1,1



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The Detroit Electrical Works are now ensconced in their mammoth new factory on Woodward avenue, and every department is in a continuous state of activity. Having recently had the pleasure of inspecting the factory we cannot express our appreciation too strongly at the way their work is carried on in its complete and thorough treatment of detail under the able guidance of Messrs. W. A. Jackson, C. A. Benton and Frank B. Rae. Amongst other apparatus ready for shipment, seven of the trucks for the electric street railway at Aurora, Ill., of the new Taylor pattern, manufactured by the Gilbert Car Co. and equipped with the 80 h. p. Rae motors now so well and widely known, and two of the four 80,000 watt generators, were especially noticeable, their excellent mechanical and electrical workmanship indicating high efficiency and great durability.

A novel departure has been made in illuminating and operating the machinery throughout the building. It is lit by incandescent lamps, which are run from the regular 500 volt street railway current furnished to the electric road which runs past the door; and each department is operated by a separate motor running on the same 500 volt circuit, thus demonstrating in the most forcible manner the perfect adaptability of the railway current for both lighting and power purposes. A quantity of special electrical machinery was also being tested before shipment for use in mining and other special work to be operated from street railway circuits. One feature of great and impressive interest is the fact that this company do all their work themselves, having their own foundry, making their own gearing, and last, but by no means least, insulating their own wire, to which latter point they attribute the fact that they have had no armature burn-outs, other than one which was caused by lightning. Their street railway system is now receiving in full measure the widespread attention and adoption which, from its features of simplicity, carefully worked out details and general excellence, it deserves.


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