Foree Bain incorporates his business

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 145, p. 176, col. 1



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Mr. Foree Bain, the well-known electrical manufacturer and expert of Chicago and one of the pioneers in many of the branches and recent developments in electrical mining and power transmission work, has recently incorporated his old and long established business under the name of Bain Electric Mfg. Co. This action has been rendered necessary owing to the large demand for his dynamos and motors, which he will now manufacture in large quantities, keeping all sizes in stock and will immediately remove to No. 47 and 49 S. Jefferson street, where he has secured very extensive and commodious quarters which will be immediately equipped with the latest and most improved machinery for heavy work, such as building 500 h. p. motors and dynamos for distribution of light and power. Mr. Bain is president and engineer of the company, and as heretofore will devote a considerable portion of his time to expert consulting electrical work and also to the application of electricity to all industrial and new uses. He will also pay attention to supervising the building and equipment of electric street railways in which line his name has become widely known in connection with the vast enterprise of this kind in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and it is in a large measure due to his intelligent supervision and the perfection in detail which he has had carried out there, that the operation of that large system is so eminently successful.


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