Gould & Watson mica span wire insulator

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 146, p. 583,586, col. 1,1



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MUCH difficulty has been experienced by the electric street railway engineer in thoroughly insulating the trolley wire from the poles. It has been found necessary, by experience, in addition to insulating the trolley wire from the span wire, to insulate the span wire from the pole, and we take pleasure in illustrating in the accompanying engraving a new form of mica insulator which has the double advantage of being a combined span insulator and turn buckle for tightening the span wire. The method of using the insulator is as follows: In setting up a span, the wire is cut off to the proper length, and both ends are attached to the eye-bolts of the insulators (two being used for each span), one of the eye-bolts being unscrewed from its case. The end of the span wire attached to the complete insulator is then hung up by means of the eye-bolts to the pole clamps provided, and the other insulator, without the eye-bolt, is hung up on the opposite pole. With an ordinary tackle the span wire is then tightened up until the eye-bolt enters the insulator, and the whole span can then be tightened by screwing up with a wrench. In this way spans can be put up in half the ordinary time, and a thoroughly insulated trolley wire is secured. The strength of these span insulators is sufficient to break a No. 2 B. W. G. span wire without injury to the insulator. They are manufactured exclusively by the Gould & Watson Company, 84 Hartford street, Boston. A number of them have just been put up on the Brooklyn City Electric Railway, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Gould And Watson Mica Span Wire Insulator.
Gould and Watson Mica Span Wire Insulator.



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