Paiste switch socket

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 160, p. 616,617, col. 1,2



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Many electricians have desired a socket that would carry and break 5 amperes, but heretofore this desire has never been catered to by electrical manufacturers. Mr. Paiste set to work and placed his well-known 5 ampere switch in a socket to make and break the circuit. His first attempt was not as satisfactory as he desired, the socket being made too large and unhandy to wire up. In the new style, which is just now being introduced, the socket shell is greatly reduced in size, making it the smallest socket on the market. Great care and attention was given to the manner of connecting the wires. By an ingenious device the wireman can use his discretion between a binding post and a binding screw. When in the act of wiring, both shells can be removed from the socket, leaving a clear, unobstructed place to work. By means of a yoke and collar the socket can be securely fixed to a chandelier, and under no circumstances can the shell short circuit the wires. All insulating parts are made of Syracuse china, insuring a perfect insulation. Central station men should appreciate this socket, as, by its use, one can. during the Christmas festivities, substitute large candle power lamps for the normal ones, without fear of destroying the working parts of the socket. Although not a cheap socket to make, through the agency of special machinery, it is offered in competition with those now on the market.


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