Detroit Electrical Works purchases land for new factory

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 11, no. 163, p. 681, col. 2



There is nothing small about the way in which the Detroit Electrical works is organizing its business and shops, with the determination of becoming one of the most prominent factors in the electric railway and motor field. It has just closed a real estate deal which gives it a block of 16 acres in Detroit, between Twelfth street and Wabash avenue, with a frontage of 453 feet on the Grand Trunk railroad. The Detroit Electrical Works contemplate putting up there one of the most extensive electrical manufacturing establishments in the country. The new works will include a machine shop, foundries, pattern shops, finishing shops, steam forges, erecting shops, carpenter shops and laboratories, and possibly a large power plant capable of furnishing electric current for the motors of the whole manufacturing establishment. The present works will be continued in operation for the manufacture of various kinds of electrical supplies and machinery.

The mechanical shop of the new works will be a large structure and each department of the work will be entirely separated from the others. All of the shops will be fitted up with overhead electrical traveling cranes, and they will be used for the manufacture of electrical machinery in its various forms, as may be developed from time to time. The intention for the next year's work is to turn out at least five complete steel car electrical equipments per day and one complete generator of a capacity of not less than 100 h. p.

The cost of the buildings as now contemplated will be from $200,000 to $300,000, including the amount of machinery that will be necessary over and above what can be transferred from the old works at the Woodward avenue railroad crossing. The plans and specifications are not yet complete, but they are expected to be finished so that work may be commenced in July and the works ready for operation by Jan. 1. The purchase of the property was completed only last week, and no time will be lost in erecting the new structures.

Extending down the middle of the property will be two railroad tracks connected at suitable points by cross-over switches. An overhead trolley system will be erected throughout the grounds, and electrical locomotives will be used for all shifting work. All buildings will be of tire-proof construction, and while not elaborate in design will be as little objectionable from an architectural standpoint in exterior appearances as strength and neatness will permit.

The present works are now running three hours overtime, besides employing the entire facilities of the Dry-Dock Engine Works in turning out the different mechanical parts of new equipment.

Louis Warfield, lately of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., is now general manager and treasurer of the company. The other officers are: President, Hugh McMillan; vice-president, William A. Jackson ; secretary, William H. Wells.


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