Paiste exhibit at the World's Fair

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 274, p. 103,108, col. 1-2




A VERY pretty exhibit is made by H. T. Paiste, of Philadelphia, at the western end of the south gallery of Electricity Building. The space occupied is mainly on the wall with a small enclosure in front for an office. The architecture, as will be seen from the engraving, is in the style of the Italian renaissance and the coloring is of ivory and gold. The background of the wall space beneath the pediment is of pale blue felt upon which is outlined the "eccentric" movement of a switch in ceiling cut-outs, together with the words, " Xntric, that's the switch."


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Within the railing at either end stands an easel, one supporting a polished oak board showing the evolution of the Paiste switch from the early experiments to the present form, and the other also bearing a board with the names of Mr. Paiste and his switch. Back of this will be noticed a board showing samples of main and branch cutouts. At the left of the entrance is a "tester" to show the durability of the switch, consisting of a small motor attached to the spindle and a tachometer showing the number of revolutions.

The exhibit is in charge of Mr. E. A. Jenkins.


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