New York sectional insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 282, p. 291,294, col. 1,2





The accompanying illustrations show an entirely new form of sectional trolley wire insulator recently introduced by the New York Electrical Works, of 161 Washington street. New York city. As will be seen, the central ridge, upon which the trolley runs, divides the insulating block into two grooves. One-half of each groove is faced with copper connecting with the trolley wire at the corresponding end, so that the conducting surface of one brass cap covers the whole of the base piece, the coil passing through a hoi" in its centre, and being prevented from leaving the base by the outwardly turned end, which cannot pass through the hole in the cap.


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The conducting wires from the lamp pass through the hollow head piece, through the spiral coil and the tubular entension of the base piece to the circuit.

Another form of head piece which is employed with this fixture dispenses with the joint proper, and carries the lamp at the end of a very short flexible spiral spring, the spring being provided with a device which limits its stretch. This forms a very efficient and inexpensive joint, the lamp being always pendant, and throwing its light downward.

The device has recently been patented by Mr. F. W. Davenport, of Providence, R. I.


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