Fiberite Medbery insulators illustrated

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 284, p. 331,334, col. 1,1



The accompanying illustrations show four of the 50 or more different styles of line and other insulators made by the Fiberite Company, of Mechanicville, N. Y. These are the Emerson and the Standard straight line hanger, a feed wire insulator and a globe strain.


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The company have overhauled their selling agencies thoroughly and secured many new ones among the best houses in the country. They are now making perhaps the most extensive assortment of railroad insulating material in the country in many distinct types or styles and are prepared to supply almost any reasonable wants. They have added a large quantity of new machinery and also a brass foundry and machine shop.

The insulating material made by this company is the invention of Mr. J. H. Medbery, the president. It is claimed to be absolutely weatherproof, and to possess the highest insulating properties and greatest strength of any insulating material known. Each piece, moreover, is guaranteed by the makers.

Among the present agencies for this valuable compound are the following: Western Electric Company, New York; Brown Electric Company, Boston; Pepper & Register, Phila., Pa.: F. P. Little Electric Construction and Supply Company, Buffalo, N. Y.; The Electric Construction and Supply Company, Pittsburgh, Pa; Electric Railway Equipment Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; Geo. Cutter, Chicago; Arthur S. Partridge, St. Louis; Wade & Betts, Atlanta; Southern Electric Supply and Construction Company, New Orleans.


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