H. W Johns Mfg. Co. exhibited at the ASRA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 286, p. 371,372, col. 2,2


H. W. JOHNS CO. The interests of the H. W. Johns Co. were taken care of by Mr. W. F. D. Crane, Manager Electrical Department, Mr. H. A. Reeves, Chicago Rep., Mr. J. W. Perry, Philadelphia Rep., and Mr. E. B. Hatch of the Johns-Pratt Co. of Hartford, Conn. A complete exhibit of their molded mica trolley line insulators, and Giant strain insulators were shown for the first time at the Convention. Samples of tree insulators, molded mica waterproof sockets, Vulcabeston field and magnet spools controller pieces, bushings, etc., were also on view.


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Researcher notes:The Convention referred to is the American Street Railway Association convention.
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