Metropolitan Electric handling H. T. Paiste specialties

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 289, p. 442, col. 1


The following important notice to the electrical trade has just been issued by the Metropolitan Electric Company from its headquarters, 522-523 Monadnock Building, Chicago:

We beg to announce the incorporation of the Metropolitan Electric Company with offices, salesroom, and factory as per the heading of this paper. The officers of the Metropolitan Electric Company are Wm. H. McKinlock, president, W. C. McKinlock, secretary.

The Metropolitan Electric Company has absorbed the Enterprise Electric Company, which did a general supply business. The Metropolitan Electric Company, together with this business will have the supervision of a factory and the entire output thereof, products of which will consist of H. T. Paiste's electrical specialties, comprising switches, sockets, porcelain rosettes, branch blocks, main line blocks, and general apparatus of this character. At our factory we hope to make a line of goods that will be of the latest designs and the best workmanship.

We have retained the general Western agency of the N. I. R. wire and cables, which are justly celebrated for purity of material used in their manufacture, and high quality of insulation which they possess.

We have also made arrangements with other well-known manufa turers to handle their specialties, and hope to carry a large stock of staple goods, and by courteous treatment, fair prices, and prompt shipments we trust we will merit your favors.

                                                METROPOLITAN ELECTRIC COMPANY,

                                                    W. H. McKinlock.


                                                    W. C. Mckinlock,



The Metropolitan Company reports having just secured an order of considerable importance for N. I. R. wire.


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