New improved LaClede battery

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 291, p. 480, col. 1,2





The accompanying illustrations show the improved Laclede battery just placed before the public by the Laclede Carbon and Electric Company, of which Mr. P. C. Burns is manager, formerly of Peru, but now located at Kokomo, Ind. The inventor, Mr. Burns, states that this is his latest and best effort and is far superior to the old style of cylinder battery. When it is considered that the inventor has had the most extended experience in the manufacture of open circuit batteries, the value of his opinion will not be doubted.


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The makers claim that the jar used in connection with this battery, being of large size and made of good, strong glass, will stand shipment much better than the old style; that the carbon is of the best quality for battery purposes; that the zincs and sal ammoniac are the best that can be secured for the purpose; that the porcelain cover is an improvement over the old style as it holds the carbons and zinc in position, overcoming an objectionable feature of the old style Laclede battery, and will also fit any jar, and that the carbon connection is a great improvement over the old style. It is guaranteed not to corrode.

Mr. Burns is also the inventor of the Microphone battery as well as the old styles of Laclede and Hercules batteries.


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