Metropolitan Electric handling H. T. Paiste specialties

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 293, p. 518,522, col. 2,1-2





THE METROPOLITAN ELECTRIC CO., of 522-523 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, have secured the entire output of H. T. Paiste's factory and hereafter will exclusively sell these specialties.


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A visit made to the factory enables one to see these various articles manufactured step by step until completed. First in importance is the making of "Eccentric" switches. These are the result of years of thought and experience on the part of Mr. Paiste, the pioneer switch maker. An important feature in the switch, we may mention, is that all the brass parts are fixed firmly to the porcelain, without the use of screws. In porcelain there is "no cushion," hence screws will sooner or later jar out. The movement is of the eccentric order, thus insuring a positive mechanical action. The electrical connections are made by solder contacts. A test was made on a five ampere switch run for four days, making all told, about 70,000 half revolutions, or more than a switch would ordinarily make in fifty years. It carried a load of twenty-five amperes without heating the contact parts. The breaking capacity will easily break 500 volts. These switches are made single and double pole, and also three-way.

In the cut-out department is made in large quantities the Paiste ceiling cut-out, Schaffer style, for open and concealed work. Figs. 1 and I will readily demonstrate the simplicity and beauty of their design. Those of our readers who visited the Electricity Building at the World's Fair, will remember the very neat and artistic design made exclusively of these cut-outs, in Mr. Paiste's exhibit, illustrated in THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER. Main and branch cut-outs of the "S. M." and Edison style are made in large quantities. A new covered branch and main block has just been manufactured that will be much appreciated by the electrical trade. A covered horseshoe cut-out is in process of manufacture and will be ready to deliver in a short time.


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In the stamping department there is made out of flat sheet metal a clutch for Thomson-Houston arc lamps. Fig. 3 will illustrate the design and movement. The peculiar feature of this specialty is that it can be adjusted to a carbon rod and, therefore, is practioally indestructible. German silver comtacts [sic] cantacts are used throughout. Here also is made an adjustable lower contact bushing for Thomson-Houston arc lamps; Fig. 4 illustrates the great simplicity of the device.


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Numerous screw machines were also running, turning out binding posts and various other articles.

Another department just being organized is for the making of switchboards, etc., and here men are now busy making a complete set of switch and cut-out boards for the Ryerson Library, Chicago.


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