H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co. exhibited at the NELA Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 305, p. 217, col. 2


MR. HENRY G. ISSERTEL, E. E, was formerly associated with the A. B. C. Company, of New York, but now occupies the unique position of electrical broker, in which capacity Mr. Issertel keeps abreast of the times in the most recent novelties, and keeps in touch with the central stations at all times, carrying the best articles at the lowest prices. On this occasion Mr. Issertel showed a very handsome board containing some beautiful samples of Iona specialties manufactured by the Iona Manufacturing Company of Boston. They make a specialty of decorative China switches for the interior of houses and the designs in general are extremely handsome. There were also dhown numerous samples of the well known specialties of the H. W. Johns Cjmpany of New York, in vulcabeston and moulded mica, for electric light and railway purposes. Mr. Issertel also represents the Bernstein incandescent lamp, although there was no display made, Mr. H. B. Cram not being able to be present this year. Mr. Issertel distributed to a select few of his more intimate friends a complete box of choice " chips," with whose use some of the delegates to conventions are not totally unfamiliar.


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