Ohio Brass has issued a catalogue

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 305, p. 220, col. 2



THE OHIO BRASS COMPANY, of Mansfield, Ohio, have just issued a well printed and well filled 84 page catalogue describing and illustrating about 250 of the electric street railway specialties of their manufacture. The company's devices are all thoroughly tested for electrical and mechanical defects, and are approved by their engineering department before being sent out.

The tendency of the times is to specialize on one line of work, and the Ohio company have recognized this fact in confining themselves to the street railway field exclusively, realizing that a greater degree of perfection in the manufacture of goods, can be arrived at in this manner. Their facilities for the manufacture of special devices, are unexcelled, and although heretofore they have not been brought directly into contact with those who purchase for the street railway companies, yet they have been manufacturing construction material during the past few years for one of the largest supply companies in the West, and their products are now in use on many of the largest roads in the country.

The catalogue is well arranged and is furnished with a good index.


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