Stephen Chester obituary

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 315, p. 435, col. 1




Col. Stephen M. Chester, until recently and for many years a resident of Elizabeth, N. J., died at his residence in New York last week. He was the son of the late Col. Thomas L. Chester, of New York. Immediately after his graduation at Yale, he went west in the pursuit of hia profession as civil engineer, and laid out several railroads. When the war broke out he joined a corps of volunteer engineers, and before its close was promoted to be colonel. His talents and inclinations were always toward invention, and so he became expert electrician for the firm of C. T. & J. N. Chester, his brothers, of New York, and in connection with the senior member invented and put in the first telegraph Are alarm in New York. Among his many other inventions were an electrical sewing machine motor, and an underground trolley system. Just before his death, he invented a tire escape. He had been consulting electrician for many of the best known electrical companies. When the war between Peru and Chili broke out he entered the service of the former country to superintend the use of electrical torpedoes. He was captured by the Chilians and imprisoned, though he tacked over his door a self-made American flag. The United States Government, however, soon demanded and secured hia release. His death brings to a close a varied and eventful life.


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