The Johnson & Phillips Oil Insulator used in Ireland

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer - London

London, England
p. 428, col. 2

Utilisation of Water Power in Ireland.—The following additional particulars of the installation for transmission of power at the mills of C. Arthur Webb, Esq., of Quartertown, near Mallow, are furnished us by Mr. G. B. Garvey, B.A., M.E., who carried out the installation for the Electrical Engineering Corporation, of 68, Victoria street. Mr. Webb had two mills worked by the same stream, about 600 yards apart. The lower mill was burnt down some time since, but the waterwheel and gearing escaped. The upper mill is worked by a waterwheel and steam engine conjointly. The idea occurred to Mr. Webb of conveying the power from the idle wheel back to the first mill on the stream by electricity, and then stopping the steam engine. The order, after due enquiry, was placed with the above firm. The dynamo used at the lower mill is a Statter-Brunton compound-wound dynamo, fitted with their patent automatic constant-current gear, and runs at a speed of 900 revolutions per minute. The output of this machine when fully loaded is 45,000 watts, or 75 amperes, at a maximum pressure of 600 volts. The motor is of the same design as the dynamo, and is also fitted with a Statter-Brunton patent constant-current gear, controlled by a sensitive centrifugal governor for working with the above generator. The speed of this machine is 700 revolutions per minute. These machines have been carefully designed for this work, and their special adaptability for such a purpose will be readily understood on account of automatically regulating, as they vary their load to the requirements of the mill, thus needing no attendant to shift the brushes. The line connecting the two mills is of insulated cable, run on poles overhead, and is fastened to Johnson and Phillips's patent fluid insulators. The switchboard is mounted on slate, and is fitted with the necessary cut-outs, switches, and measuring instruments. A second dynamo by the same makers is also driven by the same waterwheel, and is used for lighting the mills and houses belonging to Mr. Webb.


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