Notes from the N. E. L. A. Convention at Niagara Falls, NY June 8-10, 1897

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 29, no. 24, p. 774-776, col. 2, 1-2

Convention Notes

MESSRS. PASS & SEYMOUR, Syracuse, N. Y., exhibited their all-porcelain junction boxes and other specialties, of which many flattering comments were heard.

THE PERU ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Peru, Ind., exhibited on a large and well-arranged board a handsome display of their porcelain insulators, tubes, switch bases, and many other electrical devices made of this material. Mr. D. A. Schutt, who was in charge of the exhibit, was a perfect encyclopedia of porcelain and its uses.

THE BRODIE ELECTRIC COMPANY, of Manchester, N. H., was represented at the convention by Mr. J. Brodie Smith, inventor of this company's important electrical specialties, which include tree insulators, porcelain fuse box for transformers, automatic motor switches and others, important improvements in all of which have been recently introduced, particularly the automatic motor switch.


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