Toggle-Clamp Feeder Wire Insulator

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Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 19, no. 15, p. 485, col. 1

A Toggle-Clamp Feed Wire Insulator.


Any improvement which will facilitate the attachment of the feed wires to their insulators will be appreciated by the electric railway builders. The fact that much stronger insulators with mechanical and more or less adjustable means for fastening the wire have come into existence during the last few years evidences the demand for such devices, and any improvements which will do away with the present necessity for tie-wires, screw-caps and other time-consuming methods of fastening, will be truly valuable as leading in the direction of greater speed in construction and ultimate economy.


Toggle-Clamp Insulator.


The "H. W. J." Toggle-Clamp embodies the modern improvements in this direction. The fastening is effected by a clamp constructed on the principle of the toggle lever. The Jaws of the clamp are hinged so that they tend to separate when raised for the reception of the cable. The weight of the cable when released then furnishes the force which causes the clamp to grasp the wire; for as the cable descends to its seat, its weight tends to close the Jaws, and the greater the weight the more powerful will be the action of the clamp and of its hold upon the wire.

The operation of the device is very simple. To attach the wire to its insulator it is only necessary to raise the Jaws sufficiently to drop the wire into place. The clamping effect is entirely automatic and very powerful, and no other fastenings whatever are necessary. An ample seat for the wire is furnished by the long Jaws, thus materially reducing the wear and tear upon the cable. The cable may be instantly removed by lifting it out of the insulator, while the ease and rapidity with which the wire may be attached and detached, without damage to either insulator or wire, are valuable economical features.

This clamp is being introduced by the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company, New York City, whose ironclad feed wire and other insulators have become well known to constructing railway engineers. it has preserved the ironclad feature in the Toggle-Clamp insulators in view of the great strength and durability obtained with the metal-clad construction.


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