Fred Locke's insulators having success in California

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 29, no. 7, p. 248, col. 1

HIGH-TENSION INSULATORS.—Mr. Fred M. Locke, Victor, N. Y. advises us of the receipt of information from California to the effect that the power-transmission line between Sacramento and New Castle, Cal., carrying 1000 horse-power, 30 miles, at 15,000 volts, on which are used Mr. Locke's patent triple-petticoat china insulators with steel pins, has been in operation for two months through some very stormy weather and is giving excellent satisfaction. There is no leakage whatever on the line, Mr. Locke states, and he is naturally very much pleased with the receipt of this information. Over 20 lines of this character are now using Mr. Locke's insulators and pins.


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Researcher notes:The insulators were dry process U-923 made by Thomas for Fred Locke.
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