Ohio Brass Company Third Rail Insulator

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Publication: Street Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 15, no. 10, p. 732, col. 2

Third Rail Insulator

Frequent inquiries for an insulator adapted for the third rail system have resulted in the Ohio Brass Company, of Mansfield, Ohio, bringing out for the market a device similar to the illustration shown herewith. This is of the same general character as many of its predecessors, but presents several new features which give it originality; in fact, a patent has recently been allowed the Ohio Brass Company upon it.


Third Rail Insulator.


This insulator consists of a malleable iron standard rigidly secured to an insulating body of vitrified clay, or some similar material, which is of the proper size and design to support the third rail with safety, and also present sufficient surface leakage of the current over its exterior. Upon this insulating body is fastened a malleable iron cap casting which supports the third rail, and, by means of lugs on each side, holds it in alignment horizontally, but permits vertical play or motion to obviate the trouble arising from the breaking of the insulators, which has occurred in the past, from the rail being secured too rigidly to the insulator.


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