Mr. Cochrane address to the Montana Agriculture College Branch on January 15, 1909

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Proceedings of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers

New York, NY, United States
vol. 28, no. 3, p. 35, col. 2

Montana Agricultural College Branch


Mr. H. H. Cochrane, electrical engineer, delivered the address at the regular monthly meeting of this Branch, held on January 15, 1909. About 35 members and visitors were present. Mr. Cochrane's subject was "Transmission Lines." By figures and practical examples he showed the conditions necessary to make the installation of a power plant and transmission lines a success. He then took up the different kinds of lines, showing what construction and route would be advisable under different conditions of location, with respect to mountains, rivers, large cities, railroads, etc. He explained the electrical and mechanical design of steel towers for transmission lines, and the regulation of the tension in the line itself. The various types of insulators were discussed, and the points of difference in their construction and efficiency shown. Before adjourning, Mr. Cochrane made tests with several types of insulators, showing the results of subjecting them both wet and dry to voltages up to 150,000.

Norfolk Section The Norfolk Section held a meeting on December 18, 1908, at Hotel Victoria. Previously to the meeting a dinner was served in the hotel dining room. Twenty-two members and friends were present at the dinner. At the meeting which followed, the secretary was authorized to secure a permanent meeting place. Mr. H. W. Hough presented a paper on "Transformer Testing", which proved too long, however, to be covered at this meeting, and it was decided to renew the subject at a future time.


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