Barnes & Kobert Mfg. Co. exhibiting insulator pins and wood strain insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electric Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 42, no. 15, p. 745, col. 1

List of Exhibits

The exhibits at the American Electric Railway Association convention on Young's Pier are so arranged that a systematic trip can easily be made to see them all.

Anderson A. & J. M. Manufacturing Company, space 319. Switches, locking device for switches, 20,000-amp switch, rotary sander, overhead frogs, line material, trolley wheels, Aetna insulation, malleable-iron insulated over-head crossing. Represented by Ernst Woltmann, Alfred Anderson, A. H. Burns.

Barnes & Kobert Manufacturing Company, New Haven, Conn., space 379. Wood strain insulators, guy clamps, cable hook racks, guy anchors, insulator pins. Represented by Frank Kobert, F. W. Nason, E. R. Bryant, Charles T. Schmitt.


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