Locke has a new catalog

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Publication: Electric Railway Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 42, no. 1, p. 52, col. 2

Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company, Victor, N. Y., has just issued "The Insulator Book." This work is an excellent example of the tendency of manufacturing companies to have catalogs carry valuable general technical data on their specialty in addition to the customary descriptions of the firm's products. The present publication contains an interesting essay on insulating materials, leading to the extremely important matter of preparing general insulator specifications with explanations of the purpose of each kind of test. The discussion is followed by notes on the construction and application of suspension insulators, now so prominent in high-tension work, sherardizing, etc. The apparatus described covers the company's porcelain insulators of pin and suspension types, glass insulators, porcelain bushings and tubes, arcing rings, brackets, pins and other fittings. All items may be economically-ordered by telegraph through the use of code words. The book is prepared in loose-leaf form so that changes in patterns can readily be noted by the user without the nuisance of keeping a number of more or less obsolete publications.


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