Glass Rings used for Radio Antenna Insulators

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Here is a cheap but very efficient antenna pulley or insulator, which I have been using for quite some time with excellent results. It consists of glass rings such as are used on awnings an which can be obtained at any hardware store for five cents each. These rings will withstand several hundred pounds of direct pull and can be safely used wherever a good insulator is required. The rings make excellent pulleys, as they will not rust or bind and they work very smoothly. Where only a receiving antenna is erected, they will prove extremely satisfactory and if two or three or employed in series they may be used for a low power transmitting antenna.

--Contributed by E. M. Parker.


Glass awning rings make excellent antenna insulators.  They are tough and will stand considerable strain.
Glass Awning Rings Make Excellent Antenna Insulators. They Are Tough and Will Stand Considerable Strain.


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